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What are the top 3 questions to ask a hosting provider before subscribing?

There are thousands of hosting providers around and everyone claims that they are the best. However, you need a hosting provider that will meet your specific needs. So apart from carefully going through their websites for the offerings, terms, and conditions you should always talk or chat with them and ask these 3 questions. It’s also better if you can get answers to the following questions in an email.

1. What will you do / how will you help if my site gets hacked?– This is important as many hosting providers leave their clients on their own when a site gets hacked and for a layman client, it can be a nightmare to get the site back up on his own.

2. Do you provide automated backups and are they comprehensive and easy to restore? – Regular backing up of your website and database is important but more important is how easy is for you to restore a previous version if something goes wrong.

3. Will I have to move servers, plans manually if my requirements grow? – In case your business and website traffic grows exponentially your hosting provider should be able to update your hosting plans, resources and hardware automatically without any hassle.

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