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Hosting providers that allow adult content

Looking for hosting providers that allow adult content? If your website contains adult content of any type you must ensure that the hosting provider you are choosing allows it. Various hosting providers allow adult content hosting and their terms regarding adult content differ in many aspects. Some are more liberal some are strict in ascertaining what can be allowed and what cannot.

Here is a quick list ( in no particular order or ranking ) of the most popular hosting providers that allow adult content hosting with small details of their adult content policies.

Liquidweb terms of service and acceptable use policy do not explicitly state anything about hosting adult content on their servers ( any datacenter ) but their support staff told our team on chat that they allow you to host any adult content that is not against the law of the United States and also locally for the customer. Also, this is allowed only on their VPS and dedicated plans. You can NOT host any adult content or sexually suggestive content on their shared hosting plans.

Hosgator US hosting allows adult sites. As per their website they allow adult sites if the content of those sites is legal in the United States of America and the state of Texas.

Adult sites are allowed on DreamHost with some restrictions. DreamHost does not restrict the content of sites hosted unless that content is illegal within the United States of America. Illegal content includes 1) blatant copyright infringement 2) libel 3) child pornography

Digitalocean cloud hosting provider allows adult content as long as it comes under legally acceptable limit. As per their acceptable use policy, they do not allow unlawful pornography (Disseminating child pornography or depictions of nudity or sexual activity obtained or disseminated without the consent of those depicted (e.g., “revenge pornography”).) on their hosting server. Apart from this if a customer had been given early use free bandwidth program and they host adult content ( even lawful ) they will no longer receive free bandwidth from Digitalocean.

As per their website documents permits adult content hosting if the customer must follow strict guidelines ie: customer must be over 18 years of age and should NOT host any material that is illegal in the United States on Hostwinds platforms. Hostwinds follow the following guidelines when it comes to screen the content on its platforms….

Europe based affordable hosting provider Hostinger allow adult web pages on all their plans as per one of their knowledgebase question. However, our team could not find any other specific mention of their adult content policy on their website ToS etc.

US-based budget hosting provider Interserver allow adult content on their VPS and dedicated hosting plans. lets you host your adult site without any restrictions and conditions ( except that the content should be within legal scope in the United States). According to Interserver KB page, they suggest starting with at least 4 slices for the best performance of your adult content website or application ie: 4 slice VPS, 4 CPU Cores, 8GB Memory at the cost of $24 per month.

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  • You need to remove from your list. Yes, they do have adult content hosting but they are a complete rip-off. I have had an issue with their Inodes terms and though I followed their instructions to the letter and advised them as such, they suspended my account and completely locked me out so that there is no way to communicate with them to resolve the issue. Tickets are refused, no phone support, emails are ignored… If you check any sites concerning complaints, the numbers are staggering and, in many cases, pretty much the same situation as I have been living with. Anyone looking for a Webhost should be very careful to totally avoid this awful company! Stay away from, the will rip you off sooner or later!!

  • also allows adult content except not in shared hosting. For Windows, does not prohibit adult sites.

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