Zero cost web hosting options with your own domain

You can easily have a website these days without paying a single penny. There are many providers who offer these services where you just have to compromise on some freedom and features ( ie : not having your own domain name ) and can get a website up and running in matter of minutes. However what if you need a free website with your own domain name? You might be a student wanting to have a website or may be need to do some experiment / proof of concept on a website with your own domain name. We researched for some of the options where you can have zero cost web hosting / completely free website with your own domain name which all basic features of a typical hosting service.

Free Web Hosting Providers with your own domain
Name Details Host-ed offers a completely free hosting plan with 3 hosted domains, 1 GB space & 10GB bandwidth. FREEHOSTING is a free hosting service provider which enables users to build free websites. There is no hidden monthly fee or setup fee. There are no ads or banner to hinder user experience. It also provides free email hosting with IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support. 000webhost is another transparent hosting solution provider. Free hosting service by the company doesn’t have any hidden costs, advertisements, restrictions. With 99% uptime guarantee even for free websites 000webhost is a leader among the free hosting providers. Free hosting even includes hosting your own domain name. Freehostia provides free hosting solutions with Joomla and WordPress themes. With 99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 professional technical support the company is one of the leaders among the free hosting providers. Chocolate plan from the company provides 250MB disk space, 6GB bandwidth, 5 domains with MySQL database support. 5GBfree is a great initiative whereby you can host your website without any cost whatsoever. As the company name suggests users get 5GB of free hosting space, 20GB free bandwidth and 3MySQL databases with one domain.

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