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Green hosting providers

As a responsible global citizen you must be aware of the hazards of using technology and the harms of too much carbon footprints. With a growing awareness on environmental safety there are a host of providers who are providing green hosting solutions. They are optimizing their servers and infrastructure to be more and more energy efficient. Here are some of the green hosting providers that are available for your applications.

Green Web Hosting Providers
Name Details GreenGeeks pulls power from grids to powerup its servers. As a part of their corporate responsibility they have purchased energy credits thrice the amount of power pulls. This enables the GreenGeeks customers to claim that their sites are 300% green which not only reduces their carbon emissions but of others as well. Hosting more than 40,00,000 websites on its servers hostgator owned up to their environmental duties and switched to 36% energy efficient servers. Later they shifted to wind powered servers and became 130% energy efficient. HostGator owns Renewable Energy Credits which enables them to use 130% of wind powered electricity for shared and reseller hosting servers. Dreamhost is another green hosting provider and have been doing conscious efforts to reduce the impact on the environment with optimized facilities and policies that put respect for natural resources. Site5 one of the renowned hosting providers has switched all of its web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS to green. To neutralize the carbon menace the company plants trees and uses Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs). Even the employees working remotely use energy efficient computers. Aiso hosting company has also introduced green hosting solutions as part of its green initiatives. The company has three Ecolinux packages namely Ecolinux1, Ecolinux2 and Ecolinux3 which it offers to its customers as green hosting initiatives. HostPapa has purchased green energy tags or certificates from green energy suppliers to power the data centers, web servers, office equipment and other devices. HostPapa has also introduced different green banners to make its customers aware that the website they are surfing is powered by renewable energy. FatCow has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (or RECs) to use 100% wind energy as an offset for energy use. FatCow has made eco-friendly changes in the office and among the employees. To carry the green message further to their clients the company is promoting the green badge that represents renewable energy powered websites. Texas based GreenHostIt offsets 100% of its electricity use with Texas certified wind power. The company has introduced hybrid vehicles for telecommuting to reduce the carbon imprint. As a part of its green marketing campaign the website owners are made aware of the benefits of using renewable energy to power their websites. SuperGreenHosting ( A subsidiary of Just Host ) offers its customers a wide range of hosting solutions. The company through its various initiatives has achieved 100% carbon neutral status. The company offers its hosting customers professional green hosting and energy efficient servers. Webhostinghub have made special efforts to reduce its carbon footprints. The company has reduced its waste output, increased recycling and stopped paper use as much as possible. Outside air cooling is used to cool the data centers that reduces 70% cooling costs. The company has tied up with 'Trees For Future' to promote agro forest and plans to plant more than 5000 trees. Since 2010 Inmotion hosting has made concentrated efforts to reduce carbon emissions across its data centers. The company has reduced the amount of waste it generates, increased recycling and stopped paper use. The data centers are using outside air cooling to cool of the heat generated by the servers. Codero aims to conduct business in an eco-friendly way. The company uses latest technologies to keep up with the carbon emissions. The initiatives also cover the cloud hosting where servers are used in a better manner with bare minimum energy wastage.

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