whlookup.com helps users searching for a suitable web hosting by providing concise, aggregated information about various hosting options available at one place. Anyone who is looking for a suitable web hosting can save valuable time of going over multiple websites and deciding based on scattered information, options and offers available.

whlookup.com provides concise, accurate and factual information about various hosting options covering almost all platforms and technologies at one single place. Users can take help of this information, narrow down his options and then can go ahead and evaluate a final choice for his needs.

We are not a hosting review website

whlookup is not a hosting review or recommendation website : We only present the factual information about various hosting provider’s plans and offers in an aggregated manner. We do not recommend any hosting provider and also do not present any hosting reviews. We do not present any kind of ranking while displaying information about multiple hosting providers. We encourage users to finalize a hosting based on their own research. whlookup.com intends to help its users in only getting otherwise scattered information in a concise manner and also helps users narrow down their possible choices of a hosting provider.

People behind this site

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