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Best fully managed web hosting providers

There are many hosting providers offering fully managed web hosting and here are our top recommendations based on research and first-hand experience.

Our Recommendations


Liquidweb is amongst the world’s top web hosting providers and offers a wide range of fully managed web hosting options ie: shared, cloud, dedicated, VPS with options of both Linux and Windows-based servers. Liquidweb has 25,000+ servers at global data centers ( US, Europe ) powering 30,000+ customers worldwide. The main feature which differentiates liquidweb from many other hosting providers is top-notch human-centric support which means that they have 24/7/365 level 3 technicians on-site to solve your technical issues blazingly fast.

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Hostwinds is headquartered in the great Pacific Northwest, Hostwinds which started operations in 2010 offers a wide range of managed hosting options including VPS, cloud, and dedicated server hosting. Hostwinds have their data centers in the US and Europe and provide excellent quick technical support to their customers. In our review and own hosting experience with them, Hostwinds exceeded our expectations almost always.

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OVHcloud claims to be one of the top 5 hosting companies in the world with a presence in Europe and the USA. The company is operating since 1999 and has millions of satisfied customers as per their website. OVHcloud offers a wide range of premium hosting services including Dedicated Servers, VMware® based Hosted Private Cloud, Managed Bare Metal Server Hosting, Managed VPS, and network and security services.

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Managed Hosting FAQs

What is managed web hosting?

By definition, a fully managed hosting is a web hosting model in which a hosting provider manages all technical aspects of hosting ( setup, configuration, backups, bug fixing, enhancements, security, etc ) on the customer’s behalf.

Who is it for?

Fully managed hosting is ideal for business owners or individuals who are either not highly tech-savvy or do not have a technical team at their disposal. It’s also for you if you want to save your precious time by delegating all technical work to the hosting providers rather than doing it yourself.

Pricing and cost?

Fully managed hosting options are expensive than non-managed hosting options due to the obvious reason of dedicated support and services they offer. However, in the long run, this option pays for itself as it saves huge time, effort, and resources for the customer.

Who are the top fully managed hosting providers?

Hundreds of hosting providers across the world offer fully managed web hosting and finding a suitable one can be very time-consuming. So, our team has curated a concise list of the top-notch managed hosting providers for you. Our main parameters in shortlisting and finalizing the hosting providers for this list were top-class customer support ( Highest weightage ), reputation, a wide range of services, and value for money.

Why should I pay more just to get more support in form of fully managed hosting?

Fully managed web hosting is not just simple on-demand tech support. The biggest advantage of going for a fully managed web hosting service is saved time. With all your hosting-related technicalities (maintenance, backups, errors, downtimes, upgrades, etc ) taken care of by the hosting provider itself, you can focus on your core business and avoid unnecessary hassle. This is why it makes sense to pay a slightly higher hosting fee and let the experts take care of your online presence completely.

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