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1) What is the purpose of

Primary purpose of is to provide concise and precise information about various hosting options and providers at one place. This website can save a lot of your time if you are searching for a suitable hosting provider.

2) How do you decide the ranking of the hosting providers included in your website?

There is no ranking done / decided on Since we are not a hosting review or recommendation website we do not put hosting options in any particular rank / hierarchy anywhere on our website. We present all information as is on our pages.

3) What is the revenue model of

We strive to earn by referral commissions and our revenue is a byproduct of providing quality and useful information about web hosting providers and hosting options available globally.

4) Do you only list those hosting providers who pay you commission?

Not at all. Our primary aim is to provide useful information about web hosting, referrals and commissions are secondary and we do not give any preference to hosting providers who we are affiliated with. Relevancy of information comes first and we also list many hosting providers who don’t pay us at all.

If you have any further questions about us send us a mail on We will try to reply to all emails as soon as possible and if the question is common enough we will add it here.