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What kind of hosting is best for an average WordPress website?

Question: I have a WordPress website with approximately 1000 page views per month. Although the website is growing I don’t expect the page views to exceed over 10K per month in the coming years. Can you please suggest what kind of hosting ( shared, VPS, dedicated ) will be best for me? I want to spend as little as possible money and time on hosting.

Answer: Given the requirements, you should opt for a shared web hosting plan. Your per day page views right now are 33 approx, and even if it reaches 10K views per month it will be 330 page views per day. This much of visitors load can be very easily handled by a shared hosting server. Although you can find a VPS server also at a similar cost to a shared server we would suggest going for a shared plan as you don’t want to spend time managing your hosting by yourself as per your question.

Check a few low cost shared Linux hosting options for your WordPress website here.

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