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Germany based web hosting providers

Here is a list of Germany-based web hosting providers. We have listed below those web hosting providers who primarily belong to Germany or have their data centers located there and offer either Linux or Windows web hosting ( or both).

Canada based web hosting providers

Looking to host your website in Canada? Here is a list of top Canada-based web hosting providers. We have listed below the most popular and reliable web hosting providers who primarily belong to Canada or have one or more of their data centers located within Canada.

Low cost (under $7 per month) Linux VPS server hosting

Our team has come up with this concise list of low-cost ( under $7 per month ) Linux VPS hosting options that are reliable and offer good service despite the lower cost. Our team has carefully checked the quality and reliability of these hosting providers so that you can quickly compare and decide which one fits your requirements.

Best Node.js hosting providers

Choosing the right host which not only supports Node.JS but is also optimized to run Node.js-based applications properly is essential. Here is a list of the best and specialized Node.js hosting providers.

Shared hosting providers supporting MongoDB

Looking for a shared hosting providers supporting MongoDB. MongoDB is an (1) open source (2) Document (3) NoSql Database and is gaining a lot of popularity among developers these days. However unlike other popular SQL and relational databases like MySql / MSSQL hosting an application using MongoDB is different and not all hosting providers can …

Best web hosting provider to deploy your MongoDB based application

MongoDB is an open-source document / NoSQL database. It is slowly gaining popularity as an alternative to a relational database. More and more applications and websites are starting to use it as their main database. Similarly, many hosting providers are also offering support for MongoDB hosting on their servers. Here is a compact list of …

Dreamhost discount coupons

Check latest coupon codes to get amazing discounts on Dreamhost plans. DreamHost offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options on linux / UNIX platform. DreamHost also offers cloud storage and computing services for entrepreneurs and developers.

Hostgator discount coupons

Are you considering ( any plan or package ) for your hosting needs? Hostgator is a leading hosting provider offering shared, VPS and dedicated hosting on linux and windows platform. Hostgator is based in Houston, Texas and is hosting approximately 9 million domains and websites on their servers. While subscribing to any hosting plan …