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Best web hosting provider to deploy your MongoDB based application

MongoDB is an open-source document / NoSQL database. It is slowly gaining popularity as an alternative to a relational database. More and more applications and websites are starting to use it as their main database. Similarly, many hosting providers are also offering support for MongoDB hosting on their servers. Here is a compact list of MongoDB hosting providers.

Digital Ocean
Digital ocean is one of the best options for hosting your MongoDB-based application, MongoDB database as a service, or any other requirement. Digital Ocean offers a unique fully managed service for hosting MongoDB databases where they manage the entire MongoDB administration. You can spin up MongoDB clusters in just a few minutes. Digital Ocean handles the provisioning, managing, scaling, updates, backups, and security of your MongoDB clusters, allowing you to offload the complex, time-consuming –yet critical – database administration tasks to them. You can add a managed MongoDB instance to any of the Digital Ocean Droplets, Kubernetes or App Platforms.

For more details, questions or signing up Visit Digital Ocean

Web Faction ( No longer in Operation )
WebFaction provides 512MB application memory, 100 GB memory space along a 600GB bandwidth, though upgrade options are available. The pricing is $8.50/month (paid yearly) or $9.50/month (paid monthly) with a 60-day money-back guarantee. They support MongoDB with Python, Ruby & Perl and also provide support for other databases like MySql, PostgreSQL, SQLite and offer full SSH access.

Update 2019 – Web Faction hosting has been acquired by Godaddy and all their accounts were migrated to Godaddy standard hosting as per the last update on their website.

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