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Best video streaming hosting providers to host your video streams

Are you looking for a suitable web host for your video streaming website or service? There are many options out there offering to host video streams but it’s vital to choose a fast, consistent, scalable streaming video hosting company as per your requirements. We have come up with this quick list of reliable video streaming hosting providers for you to compare and finalize one that fits your needs.

Leading cloud hosting provider Digitalocean offers video streaming hosting in extremely affordable cost ( as low as 1¢/GB data transfer ) with option to scale as your user base grows. DigitalOcean provides robust streaming video hosting solutions ie: compute, Kubernetes etc. You can build and configure your video service from scratch using their Droplet virtual machines yourself. Digitalocean also offers fully managed infrastructure solutions with App Platform where they will handle all resources and tech requirements on your behalf, while you can just concentrate to grow your fan base.

Streaming Video Provider is based in Bulgaria with offices in US and UK and provides business video hosting and live video services. The company also offers a free 15 days trial plan (with all features, no credit card). Their basic streaming plan starts from €35/mo with 200GB monthly bandwidth and 50GB storage. However if you want to do live video streams you will have to at least take their pro plan costing €89/mo.

Dailymotion Cloud offers video hosting and streaming services with an easy to use interface. The company offers the most scalable video platform that can be used professionally to stream video contents in a reliable and customized way. Starter plan cost $15/mo including 125 streaming hours & 10GB storage

Wowza is one of the renowned video streaming hosting providers. The company’s media systems deliver CDN streaming as well as live video streaming capabilities to service providers and individuals. They offer pay-as-you-go monthly billing options as well as prepaid pricing options starting at $25/mo.

Edgecast offers streaming video hosting to dozens of cities spread across the world. The company provides streaming CDN services and video streaming hosting from websites to mobile devices. Edgecast claims to optimize OTT streaming with encoding, live event, and session management technology – Smartplay.

US-based business to business firm DaCast offers streaming as a service where cloud-enabled video streaming is possible. The all-in-one video streaming platform enables users to broadcast video over the web with fair pricing categories which charge users for what they use. They offer streaming services for a wide variety of users ie: sports, enterprise, media, religion, personal as well as nonprofits. On March 13, 2019, Dacast announced the acquisition of vzaar, a video hosting platform trusted by businesses worldwide, further establishing Dacast’s position as a leader in the OTT industry. Dacast offers a 30 days trial with no credit card information required to try their streaming services.

Brightcove is another global cloud service provider for video streaming services. The company provides live broadcast and online streaming video services. The company offers cloud hosted video services which make it easier to deliver high quality live video streaming services. They also have a free trial program.

Canada based NetroMedia provides top class video and audio streaming and hosting services. The company also offers other services like enterprise reporting, IPTV, DRM among others. Netromedia provides a wide range of live and on-demand streaming solutions, serving a diverse client base – from traditional enterprise broadcasters to individual internet streamers. Netromedia’s pricing and cost can be calculated on their website pricing and bandwidth calculator. Their basic video streaming plan starts at 99$/mo.

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