Zero cost web hosting options without your own domain

If you want to have a website hosted in zero cost and can live with a URL like ‘ /’ ( ie : you do not necessarily need your own domain name like then there are many hosting options available. Many companies provides the facility to have a free of cost website for users. Also most of them offer free tools to design & edit the websites online as well. The only catch in these free websites is that you will not have your own domain and in most of the cases there may be some unwanted ads appearing on your website (of the free website provider company). Here is a list of some of the free website providers

Free Web Hosting Providers
Name Details WiX has a range of different customizable HTML5 templates that is categorically segregated so that users can create their unique site. The cloud integrated platform where the sites are created enables there is minimum hassle with a site. The company provides secure, reliable and free hosting solutions that makes it easy to put up quality content online. Weebly is an engaging platform where users can select customizable themes. The sites can be enabled with ecommerce facilities so users can engage in transactions through the website. Weebly provides cloud based hosting solutions that are responsive, fast and reliable. Also, there are no ads from Weebly so users are not bombarded with unwanted promotions. Yola enables users to create professional looking websites and enables free hosting solutions as well. Apart from its premium packages the company offers free hosting which includes a three page website, 1GB bandwidth with 1GB storage and Yola subdomain. Webs since 2001 provides users a lot of personalization features which enable them to build their own site without any hassle. Webs puts all of the files in the cloud therefore the site can be accessed from anywhere and even inflict changes or modifications on them. Jimdo enables its users to create a website right in this very moment with the help of intuitive site builder and plans. Since 2007 the company is offering millions of users with fantastic features so that its users keep using the service without any complains. Their free plan however will place forced banner ads on your website. Snappages provides an easy website builder where pages can be easily created, customized and managed. The websites are compatible with any type of screen be it mobile, tablet or PCs. Reliable cloud networks from Rackspace hosts the websites created on Snappages. So websites are secure, load real quick and provide good backup.

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