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What is the main benefit of fully managed hosting?

The main benefit of fully managed hosting is that it’s a time saver for you. In a fully managed hosting everything related to your hosting server is managed by the hosting provider. A hosting server requires constant monitoring, maintenance and configurations and if you do it all by yourself you will spend a lot of time which should be spent ideally at your core business and its enhancement.

Here are a few things a fully managed hosting handles on your behalf: OS upgrades, Migrations of your website, application, e-commerce store, backups, network management, proactive security, ensuring full availability and also prompt support and bug solving. Doing it all by yourself makes sense only if you are very well versed with networking, hardware and software technologies.

Cost-wise a fully managed hosting is indeed expensive than non-managed DIY web hosting but in the long run, it pays for itself by saving your and your team’s precious time.

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