Perl hosting providers

Perl is a high-level, general-purpose dynamic programming language. Here are some hosting options for application built on Perl. Here is a list of specialized Perl hosting providers

Openshift by RedHat is another cloud hosting option for python applications. OpenShift gives you options to deploy and run Python applications using your favorite frameworks and databases. ie: Dancer application backed by MySql or Mojolicious and MongoDB. For testing and development they have a free plan ( upto 3 gears ), for upgraded application they have bronze ans silver plans costing upto 20$ per month. Visit OpenShift

Web Faction
WebFaction provides 512MB application memory, 100 GB memory space along with a 600GB bandwidth, though upgrade options are available. The pricing is $8.50/month (paid yearly) or $9.50/month (paid monthly) with 60-day money back guarantee. They support Perl and offers full SSH access. Also eye catching is WebFaction’s developer tools & application library which includes Git, Subversion, Bazaar, Mercurial, Trac, Redmine and more. Visit WebFaction

A Small Orange (Green Hosting)
A Small Orange’s is a green environment friendly hosting company with various shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans and offers PHP, Perl, Python scripts support along with MySQL database access. Visit A Small Orange

App Fog
AppFog offer options to host Perl based application with various database combinations such as MySql, MongoDB and PostgreSQL etc with various other technologies ( PHP, Python, Ruby etc) and also offer a free plan. Their basic plan starts from $20 per month and they offer various features with their plans like One-click setup of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and RabbitMQ services and Scalable architecture with built-in caching and load balancing. Visit AppFog

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