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Get a customized hosting comparison report

Deciding which hosting company to choose is a time consuming task. You need to do hours (even days) of research on various hosting companies, dig through their websites for supported features, talk to their support representatives and still there is a risk of missing something ( which might be very important for your business).

Moreover, talking to hosting company sales people will never give you any assurance if what they are saying is really true. Hosting review websites also does not help as you can never be sure if a good review is written by the company itself or a bad review is written by a rival. The task becomes more complex when you have to decide between a few final choices with similar features and offerings.

Well, The good news is that a lot of your time can be saved by using our unbiased & informative hosting comparison report prepared by our research team

We offer customized hosting comparison reports. Our research team can prepare a detailed report comparing any number of hosting services based on any required parameters which you can use to make informed & intelligent decision. Our reports saves your precious time and hassle of searching and finding required information and minimizes your risk of missing important details.

Who can use these reports?

1) Business owners, startups who are in confusion between a few hosting services and need definite information before finalizing one.
2) Professionals assigned to find a good hosting service for their companies. Our reports will help you present a detailed report to your management with assurance that no technical / non technical aspect is missed.
3) Entrepreneurs who are busy building their dream business and looking for a right hosting partner.

How its done?

Our research team prepare every report carefully and meticulously. Each report is prepared with close consideration of the requirements & parameters laid down by our clients. For comparison we do not only rely on the information available on internet but do deep research on critical aspects by talking to the hosting companies and sometimes even subscribe to their plans to check performance & internal details.

What is the cost?

The cost of a report depends on the number of hosting services to compare, the parameters of comparison and other factors (ie: depth of research required etc).

Basic comparison report starts from just $99

How to get started

It’s very simple to get started. Just fill our contact form with a brief of your requirement and our research team will get in touch with you. We will ask you some quick questions to determine your requirements, guide you on what kind of report will suit you and will start working on your report asap.