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Can I use FFMPEG as encoder on a shared hosting?

Most probably not. Shared hosting companies generally don’t allow FFmpeg to be used. VPS and dedicated hosting packages might be good options for this purpose. Here are a few hosting companies for you if you want to go for a specialized FFMPEG hosting plan

Is Layeredtech hosting closed down?

Layered Technology was a provider of self-managed hosting services. The company provided on-demand hosting with gaming servers, enterprise-level servers and unlimited bandwidth servers. Layered Tech hosting was acquired by Datapipe, on August 19, 2014. Datapipe was acquired by Rackspace on September 11, 2017

Has Lunarpages hosting closed down?

Lunarpages was acquired by HostPapa hosting and stopped its operations on September 30th, 2019. All Lunarpages websites will remain hosted on US servers and now managed by HostPapa hosting. Despite the closure, old Lunarpages customers can still access their accounts from the dashboard offered HostPapa.

Is FFMPEG a good choice to host video streaming content?

FFMPEG is a free and open-source multimedia framework capable of streaming, converting and recording video and audio. If you offer video sharing options on your website then FFMPEG can be the best-suited converter and can handle high demand and traffic. Check a list of some web hosting providers offering FFMPEG hosting.

What exactly comes under managed hosting?

I want to know what exactly comes under the term “Managed” in managed hosting offer? Almost every hosting provider these days is offering managed hosting and it’s confusing as to what exactly is offered.

Is Web Faction hosting no longer in operation?

Web Faction hosting was acquired by Godaddy hosting. In March 2019 Web Faction notified all its existing customers that their existing customers will be migrated to standard GoDaddy hosting plans and their existing servers, custom control panel, will shut off in August 2019.

What are the main reasons people go for dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server is like owning an independent house, whereas a VPS is like owning an apartment in an apartment complex. When you are in an apartment, you do have limitations ( ie: can’t remove the roof if you want ) even if you own your own space inside of that building. Whereas if you have an independent home you have absolute control.