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Any ideas on how I can utilize unused power of my VPS or dedicated server?

You can utilize the unused resources of your VPS and dedicated server for a variety of purposes.

1. Your private email server – You can use your VPS / dedicated server as your own private email server. This will ensure that no one ( human or AI ) is reading your emails and using your personal data for commercial uses. Setting up of a personal email server is not very complex and there are many open source no cost email servers are available like webmail. However, configuring and optimizing your email server will require some technical knowledge and expertise.

2. Personal Object Storage – Your VPS / dedicated server’s unutilized space can be used as a personal object ( document, photos, videos ) storage on the cloud.

3. Ditching the large corporates – You can host a variety of self-hosted solutions ( open source and free of cost ) like your own CRM, E-Commerce solutions, ERP, Project Management, team management, etc for yourself or your team and save a lot of costs you might be incurring in subscribing commercial software.

Note: If anyone can suggest any other innovative and worthwhile idea for utilizing the resources please feel free to comment below.

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